What I do

From gravity defying tissu (aerial silks), to the athleticism of straps, feats up in the air to amaze and enchant.

Or perhaps something fiery like fire dancing, fire rope dart, or feicha (flying trident) might be more to your liking.

I perform and am also available for private lessons.

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Who I am

As the flightless human, I enchant and mesmerise audiences with gravity defying feats of strength and grace.

I am a Brisbane (Australia) based performer specialising in Tissu (aka Aerial Silks). I have performed at a range of events across Australia from corporate functions to festivals.

Having begun as a fire dancer, I chanced upon the world of circus and fell in love with aerials. I’m mostly self-trained, and over the years, this form of open development gave rise to my unique style of movement that I display now.

Attempts at unpowered flight have thus far been unsuccessful but I still attempt it none the less.